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Pembroke Magazine is an international literary magazine published annually by the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and the North Carolina Arts Council. It offers readers a rare opportunity to move through time, across cultures, and into contemporary literature and art.

Pembroke Magazine was founded in 1969 by Norman Macleod, known for editing other highly regarded "little" magazines such as Front, the Maryland Quarterly and the Briarcliff Quarterly. Shelby Stephenson has been the editor since 1979 until his retirement in 2010.

Number 39 African American Literature: Lenard D. Moore, Guest Editor. Charles Edward Eaton Special Feature: Judy Hogan, Guest Editor. Modern German Prose Poems. Reinhold Grimm. Sarah Heller. Steven Lautermilch. Margaret Maron. Vivian Shipley. W.A. Bolick.

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CHARLES EDWARD EATON by Judy Hogan (Excerpt)

He was my friend. This friendship began slowly, 25 years ago, because I admired his poetry and asked to meet him. We talked of literature and contemporary writers. In between we exchanged letters. He encouraged me in my writing, and he always complimented me on the reviews. He used to say, "I can go a long way on a good compliment," and he gave them to me liberally. He understood well how many good American writers suffer neglect. He knew I'd say what I really thought about each book, but because of his praise ("You understand my work better than anyone!"), I was more confident that my wish to open his meaning to others was on the right track.

In the 90s I began teaching his poetry books in the classes I gave privately for writers. His poems opened for my students as I showed them the key metaphors and symbols in his imaginary world: the gold or bronzed man, the swan, the disembodied eye, the country of the blue, the lovers, the sun. From our letters and conversations I learned that he wanted a reputation of gold for his poetry—the highest he could conceive. His life and that of his wife Pat's was wholly dedicated to his work as a writer.

Charles Edward Eaton. (Photo courtesy of Herald Sun)

MARGARET MARON by Nancy Olson (Excerpt)

Margaret is a bookseller's dream. We all know how beautifully she writes-her evocation of Southern rural culture resonates not only with Southerners, but with readers all over the country—the world, even (her books have been translated into twelve languages, including Croatian!) I'll always enjoy the image of Deborah and her father walking through the cornfield on a moonlit night and hearing the corn.

I've been privileged to see her career develop, from the first time she came for a program at our bookstore many years ago, when the only people in attendance were her husband, Joe, her mother, one of my clerks and me. (She never lets me forget it, either.) But the critics were soon captivated— she won all four major mystery awards for Bootlegger's Daughter—an honor never replicated. She tackles serious issues such as racism and development, which give her novels depth, and her characters are real. They have weaknesses, they cuss, they have sex, and most importantly, they're Democrats. How can we not like them?

North Carolina Writers Honor Margaret Maron. (Photo by Jan G. Hensley)


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